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B-School w/ Marie Forleo vid by George Bryant - YouTube

"I just made a new video to apply for a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s B-School.

Truth be told, 3 years ago I didn’t even know what a blog was. Never mind how to make a living running one while providing nothing but the absolute best quality and content to my community.

I feel like I have done pretty well, but I don’t know all the answers and where to get them anymore. I want to take Civilized Caveman Cooking to the next level and Marie can help me do that with her scholarship to her world famous school. Here is my video that I need as much engagement on as possible. Please like or comment on the video and share.” —George, Civilized Caveman, Inc.


I find digital culture very depressing for its lack of materiality, for the way that it flows away – it creates a sort of universal amnesia. 

In an image-saturated world, British collage artist John Stezaker  creates more with less with his image collages, which exercise the art of subtraction in the age of addition – wonderful microdocumentary accompanying Gestalten’s book The Age of Collage


All of the feels. ALL OF THEM.


Ben Nunery’s wife Ali passed away in 2011 after a battle with a rare form of lung cancer. Two years later, Ben and their daughter Olivia decided to move out of the house that he and Ali moved into the day before their wedding. With everything packed up, the house was empty, just like it was on the day they shot their wedding photos. So Ben enlisted Ali’s sister, photographer Melanie Pace, who shot their original set of wedding photos, to shoot a set of new ones.

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